Heath Mount Primary School

'Together Everyone Achieves More'

Year 5

Wednesday 4th May. As part of Year 5’s Topic Hook we introduced the monarchy timeline and then drew a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I who was the last Tudor to reign over England.

Wednesday 4th May. Year 5 held a class debate: discussing the topic ‘Should children wear school uniform’ the children supported their points with evidence and explained their reason. We had some very good for and against points. What are your views?

Friday 29th April. Year 5 have had a lot of fun making Eid cards

Week beginning 14th March. Year 5 have started their own dig for victory campaign as part of their Allotment Topic. They have been watering their plants and observing the seeds germinate.

Wednesday 16th March. Year 5 have been analysing the text from The Secret Garden. They have also drawn characters using descriptions from War Horse.

Week beginning 7th March. Year 5 have been conducting research based on Sire David Attenborough as part of their science topic.

Year 5 have been using a text map to retell a story using their actions.

Tuesday 15th February. The children have been reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. They drew the faun using the description given by the author.

Week beginning 14th February. Year 5 have been Using a combination of editing apps to create powerful well as brushing up on their photography skills as part of Art Week

10th February. Year 5 have been analysing features of a persuasive letter. Labelling the key features needed.

10th February. As part of Year 5’s science topic changing materials we conducted an experiment to see if there was any effect dissolving water with different temperatures of water.

8th February. As part of our lesson hook for our Topic Peasant, Princes and Pestilence the children listened to a message from pestilence . Pestilence crept across the land, swallowing life from the towns and village. The children drew a picture representation of Pestilence during the medieval times.

1st February 2022. Year 5 created wonderful oriental blossom tress to celebrate Chinese New Year.

31st January 2022. Year 5 participated in First Aid Training. They learnt about the vital skills needed to save lives.

6th January 2022. 5M have been learning all about important life saving first aid skills.

Week beginning 6th December. Year 5 designed and created their very own illuminated candle holders.

25th November - Year 5 went on a visit to The University of Birmingham to learn more about engineering and the different fields of space engineering.

Children in Need Day 2021 - Friday 19th November 2021