Heath Mount Primary School

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Wonderful Writing

1st February 2022


Chinese Language to celebrate Chinese New Year


By Dania and Alaa


Hello =  Ni Hao

How are you =  Ni Hao ma

I am fine =  Wo he hoo

Thank you =  Shieshie or ayciye

Your welcome =  bia kuchi

You are so beautiful = Ni Chnmay

Chinese New Year  =  Chonqua cinyin

I'm sorry =  boutiye

It is okay =  mayguianshi

Yes =  shida

You are so kind =  bu

You too =  ni yeshi


15th November

Our Athletics Tournament at Bishop Challoner’s Sports College


by Shazia, Shayla and Fatimah


During the bus ride, it was a happy and memorable event where people forgot their worries about winning or losing the tournament. The tournament was 4 hours long but because of our enjoyment, time flew by and it felt like it was over in 2 hours.

When we arrived, we had lunch and prepared ourselves for the grand event. When the coach blew the whistle, we ran and ran until the finish line. If it wasn’t foe a honourable teacher, we wouldn’t have had the place we had right now.

It was an unforgettable moment for all of us involved. After we had all ran, we said our thank you’s and bid farewell and cam back to school. Our class was jumping with curiosity about our tournament. All the children were asking so many questions and wanted to know everything.

We would like to thank Mr. Kabran (our PE Teacher) who helped us train and prepare for the event.