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Scholarpack Parents App

Installing the app

The ScholarPack Parents app is available free of charge on Apple and Google app stores. Simply search ‘ScholarPack Parents’ and download.


Once you have installed the app and opened it on your phone, click ‘let’s get started’. You will be prompted to enter a link-up code and your mobile number. You will receive the link-up code from your child's school in a letter. This code will last 60 days, if you do not link-up in that time you will need to request a new one from the school.

After you have entered the link-up code, add your mobile number (please make sure this is the same number you have given to the school) and clicked ‘continue’. You will be sent a ‘one time passcode’ via text message. Enter this passcode and submit. You should then see a ‘connection successful’ message. You have now completed the link-up with the app and school. 


If you have multiple children linked with the ScholarPack app, you will see your children pop up in a list. Please click the child you wish to view. If you need to add another child please speak to your school.

  • On the main dashboard you will see information about your child's form, year and the school's address.
  • You will also see a percentage overview of your child's attendance. Below this, you will see the following five options:
  • Attendance
  • Contacts
  • Permissions
  • Dietary Info
  • Medical
  • Click on these icons to see an overview of the information the school holds for your child. Please contact the school if any of the information is incorrect or needs updating.
Navigating to messaging

Getting to your messages is easy. Once in the app, click ‘messages’ at the bottom of the screen and you’re in. From here you will be able to view your new messages, reply to any messages (where applicable) and view historic message threads.

Receiving a message

If you have your notifications switched on (you can do this in your phone’s settings area) then when you receive a message from the school you will be notified on your phone. 


The app button will also show a notification if you have any new messages.


Alternatively access the app and then click on messages to see all of your ongoing and historic messages. 


Just click on the message to read what has been sent. Once you click on the message, this will take you to the message thread which is explained in this next section.

How to use the ScholarPack Parents app - for parents

This video will guide you through setting up and using the new ScholarPack parents app

Download the Scholarpack Parents App now

The Scholarpack Parents App is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

To download the Scholarpack Parents App on iOS and Android devices, please click on the appropriate download links below, or search for ‘Scholarpack Parents’ in the relevant stores.