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Welcome to Reception!



From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Reception have been observing the process of how caterpillars change in to beautiful butterflies.




Malcom and Martha, the Heath Mount Ducks

Thursday 27th  May 2021


Reception had a a very special visit from Malcolm and Martha, the Heath Mount ducks! Malcolm and Martha enjoyed exploring the reception playground and the children were very fascinated with the very special visitors to their playground !

A visit from Colin The Frog


On Monday 24th May, Reception were learning about the life cycle of a frog. In order to help them with their work, Colin the frog surprised the children with a special appearance !


Internet Safety


On 18th May, Reception learnt all about the importance of internet safety and how to stay safe online at all times.

The Heath Mount Chick Diary - Monday 10th May 2021


Our reception children were greeted by some new arrivals this morning. 

10 eggs. Warm and cosy in their incubator waiting to hatch!

The children kept a close eye on our chicks by keeping a daily diary of our special guests.



Self Portraits - April 2021

Talk 4 Write Story Telling

Self Portraits

People Who Help Us - Fire Brigade

People Who Help Us - Police visit Heath Mount Primary

Making Porridge - Exploring Goldilocks