Heath Mount Primary School

'Together Everyone Achieves More'





It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure their children arrive at school on time. Lateness can disrupt the learning of others and can result in a pupil feeling greater stress and achieving poorer outcomes. 90 per cent attendance means that your child is absent from lessons for the equivalent of one half day every week. Over five years this is the equivalent of about one half of a school year.


Research shows a close link between attendance at school and a child’s achievement. Being late adds up to a loss of learning. All time out of school affects both learning and achievement for pupils. Please make sure your child arrives at school on time.


Poor punctuality can lead to your child…

  •  Feeling embarrassed in front of their friends
  •  Missing the beginning of vital lessons
  •  Missing important instructions for the rest of the school day
  • Learning bad habits which could affect their employability in the future


If you are going to be late to school, please make sure you call the school office by 9am to let them know what time to expect you. Lateness over time equates to absence, and will be swiftly dealt with accordingly.