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Parent Voice

Parent Voice


During the academic year, we like to collect feedback about your views of the school and the education your child receives. We will be conducting Parent questionnaires throughout the year at Parents Evenings in order to hear your views and your feedback regarding the school.


Results of Parent Voice October 2021

Parent Feedback - October 2021


" Amazing school. So happy to have gotten my children in this school."


" Amazing reception teachers. Have really supported my daughter with settling into the school as we were struggling. No judgments shown and very compassionate."


" Thank for supporting my son."


" I think everything is clear and understandable and school staff doing a good job."


" The staff are amazing."


" Teachers are very helpful and supportive."


" Overall, I am very happy with the provision for my children at this school. I look forward to communicating with teachers about my child's SEND provision going forward."


" I am happy that my children are going here. It is near to my home."


" This school is the best."


" We are very happy this school."

External Feedback


On 30th November, Year 6 went on a visit to RAF Cosford to build their knowledge and understanding of life during World War 2. The following is one of the many positive comments we received about our Year 6 children who were wonderful ambassadors representing Heath Mount Primary School.


"It has been our pleasure to share our visit with some very well behaved pupils from Heath Mount School. What a privilege it must be to be the Head of such a school. All of the children were very well engaged and attentive and are a credit to themselves, their teachers and the school. Well done."