School is open to year 6, reception and year 1. Please inform school at least 48 hours before if you wish to send your child. Parents will not be fined for non-attendance at this time. Our staff are telling stories on the video resource page, have a peek.
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Should children return to school? Give your view.

Children click here to give your view


We now have a school blog. 

1. I am introducing Panda the Cat - Our school cat that our children can talk to. The children must remember to include their name and class for Panda to respond. 


There is also a discussion open for our children on their thoughts about returning to school. It is so important that we gain the views of our children. Again please ensure they include their name and class. 


I would also like to gain the views of parents. Follow the link to give your views on your child returning to school. 

Parents click here to give your view