Heath Mount Primary School

'Together Everyone Achieves More'

Parent Questionnaire Survey Outcome

  Strongly Agree Agree Don't know Disagree Strongly disagree
I am pleased with the communication between school and home 78 52 1 4 0
My child has never been reluctant to go to school 71 46 3 12 3
I am satisfied with the extra-curricular activities and clubs run during the school day 80 43 6 4 1
My child feels happy in school 91 39 3 2 0
My child feels safe in school 96 37 1 1 0
My child does not feel uncomfortable or worried about school 75 47 4 7 2
My child has made friends at school 93 39 0 3 0

A big thank you to all the parents who attended our parents evening and afternoon. We appreciate your feedback on what we are doing well and how we can improve. It is pleasing that there are many more parents who feel we are doing a great job compared to last year. There are a couple of parents who disagreed with some of the statements. It is imperative that I speak to those parents and listen to their concerns. Please contact school to speak with Mrs Fance, the head teacher.