All children will be returning to school on 8th March 2021
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Parent Homework Consultation Meetings

Homework Consultation Meeting with Parents 16.10.19.

2 meetings 9am and 2.45 attended by 47 parents.


  1. What is the homework experience for parents currently?

No homework at present.

  1. What homework would a parent like for their children?

Reflective of class work

  1. When would they like homework to start? From reception?

From the age of six

  1. What type of homework would a parent like to see?


  1. How much reading homework do parents feel is appropriate?
  • Age dependent / at 6 years of age children should be reading for at least 15 minutes per day.
  • Also this should be with their parent or adult in the house. (Parents should be reading to their children.).
  • All children in school should be reading for homework daily from reception to year 6. Reception reading for 10 minutes up to year 6 who should be reading for 30 – 45 minutes a day. (Neither of these times need to be continuous, so it can be in 10 minute sessions.)
  • DF to publish the SDP on the web. Discussed the school improvement plan and the focus on reading.



  • Spelling journals, Spelling cards where parents are aware of test scores / progress.
  • Opportunity to practise handwriting. Parents can support children with spelling mistakes.
  • Apply spelling within the context of a sentence / paragraph.
  • Spelling homework for year 1- 6 (reception when they are ready.) Phonics workshop for parents.


  • Worksheet – methods to support parents to consolidate strategies.
  • Consistency.   Example, practise, problem. Webinars
  • Combine times tables, number fluency problems (explain methods.) Daily times tables, Problem solving once a week.
  • Online homework – NEEDS TO BE CHECKED, TT rock stars.Support for parents who are unable to support with online homework.
  • Wider curriculum – parent / child collaboration. Acknowledging homework, Rewards. Link TT rockstars to website
  • Laminate cards for passwords and place on fridge at home – magnet. Differentiated homework according to ability.


Some families may have access to the internet. Will school support these families and children?

  • Homework around the curriculum themes.
  • Timetables or half termly newsletters to parents sharing intended learning.
  • Can parents have a link to the National Curriculum on the website?
  • Homework books in reception with the learning objectives were really good.