Heath Mount Primary School

'Together Everyone Achieves More'

Parent Feedback suggested areas for development Oct 19

Suggestions for improvement

  1. Please can we have more parent sessions with the head teacher with coffee, tea and biscuits
  2. The school doing very well. In addition, can we get more homework please?
  3. Please can we have more homework for all the children.
  4. Although I appreciate the school is trying to create consistency across the school I have noticed homework differs and in fact a lack of it for year 5 students. Thank you.
  5. There should be more parent and child after school activities and homework.
  6. I think children need more homework to do at home not just reading their books.
  7. There could there be IT classes for parents.
  8. Please push my kids more.
  9. As a working parent I would appreciate receiving workshop events and school letters, sooner. I often receive letters a week in advance which is difficult as my employer requires two weeks at least. 
  10. I feel more after-school activities need to take place, after school football, football team, plus sport tournaments.

    11. Online interaction regarding my son has ceased, my son is in year 5. The only option is to speak to the teacher