Heath Mount Primary School

'Together Everyone Achieves More'

Parent Feedback Oct 19

We always welcome feedback from Parents/Carers

  1. The school council is good. My daughter is on the school council, she is so happy.
  2. The environment has really improved, it did become really bad in school.
  3. I like the warmth of the teachers, they smile and look happy now.
  4. There was a point when we didn’t know who the head was or the class teachers. It is so much better now.
  5. The English and maths is really improving.
  6. I'm pleased with how my child has settled in the school.
  7. I am very happy with school, I have no concerns, the children are making very good progress.
  8. It would be great if we could have some project based home work, activities, fun learning would be great to see.
  9. Can there be more opportunities for reception to have extra-curricular activities happening please? Thank you.
  10. I feel the school has improved so much and the teaching is much better. There is better communication between school and home.
  11. The school is working really hard to work with parents and makes the families feel included in everything. I feel more positive about the school now.
  12. Great school to study at. I recommend this school to other children and families.
  13. Many thanks to the staff.
  14. Great work. Keep it up!
  15. As parents we are so happy to have these beautiful teachers in our school. They are doing a fantastic job.
  16. Really pleased with the teachers.
  17. My son enjoys school very much.
  18. I'm happy with everything.
  19. My daughter joined the school  end of year 3 and so far I would say she has settled in class
    Thank you for your support.
  20. I am happy with the improvement I have noticed in the school mainly over the last year.
  21. Thank you for the school app, it is very helpful.
  22. Thank you everyone at Heath mount school, my child is very happy. 
  23. I am happy with my son’s improvement. The communication is really good with teachers.
  24. Everything is brilliant, I couldn't be more happy.
  25. I have seen lots of improvements over the last year.
  26. We are very happy to be part of this school
  27. I like all the work on Black history, my children haven’t stopped talking about all the things they have learnt about. My daughter was telling me about Rosa Parks and why it was wrong what happened to her.
  28. The work on Nelson Mandela is brilliant, my children were very excited about their learning.
  29. The school is friendly and welcoming.
  30. I have never seen the teachers so happy, you can see they are really enjoying their job.
  31. I’m so pleased with the progress the whole school has made and I’m a proud parent! Well done to all the staff especially the senior leadership team.
  32. I am generally happy with everything.
  33. Thank you, it is lovely, my son he can the count 1 to 13 and also understand his numbers.
  34. This school is good.
  35. The staff at Heath Mount are excellent and they do all they can to excel my children's learning.
  36. I am happy with school.  
  37. I feel happy with the parent’s meeting.
  38. I am very happy with the progress of my child and the support and teaching of the teachers of Heath Mount school.
  39. Overall Satisfied
  40. The school has improved so much. I am grateful that my kids study here. The teachers are great and always willing and happy to speak. I wish the school all the best.
  41. The culture and work ethic created by the teachers is amazing. It's a great environment for young children to develop and grow in.
  42. It has improved and there is a lot of different things happening.
  43. The school is just fine.
  44. My son is really enjoying school. Thank you.
  45. Great school, very friendly staff. Lots of improvements. Keep up the good work!