Heath Mount Primary School

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26.03.2020 Update

Dear Parents

We are missing seeing our families, we hope all is well with you.  At school, we have reduced to a skeleton team, as pupil numbers are low.  We have a rotation of staff, ensuring that we have people who are not in self-isolation or displaying symptoms who can cover in school for three days a week Monday - Wednesday, whilst the rest of the staff work from home and look after their own families.

Our thoughts are with those in the school community who have to leave their homes to go to work each day.   

I have put information about the food vouchers for free school meals in the update section below. This system is on its way but not in operation as yet. I will keep you informed of the next steps. 

Government Briefing

I am sure most of you are paying close attention to the daily government briefings.  Last night’s briefing reinforced the stay at home message, highlighted the fantastic response from people who are able to volunteer and brought some promising news about testing for the coronavirus.  

Further details on the coronavirus can be found by going to the link below.

From today onwards, we are reducing the amount of updates to ensure you are not overwhelmed with information.  If you have any queries and questions then you can still contact us by email.

Stay safe.

The Heath Mount Team