Heath Mount Primary School

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19.03.2020 Coronavirus Update

Dear Parents/carers

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to you all whether you are in self-isolation, bringing your children into school or have concerns about the risks to loved ones.

Today’s pupil numbers in both schools have dropped again with very few pupils attending school.   The challenge that we are working on now is determining the number of children with key worker parents.  

Key Workers

Key workers have been outlined by the government and include; NHS staff, police and supermarket delivery drivers, we are awaiting a full list from the DFE. In order to establish who our key workers are we ask that you send in some form of ID (staff badge, company letterhead addressed to you, payslip, etc) Both parents must be key workers. We need to limit the amount of children in schools in order to combat this virus. Please send this to once we have this information, we can confirm your child’s attendance. If you have any queries please contact the school office.

Free School Meal Pupils (Pupil Premium)

If your child is eligible for pupil premium funding we will give you details on how to collect your child’s free school meal following school closure. Any queries ring the office.


A reminder about the timescales for self-isolation can be viewed by clicking the link below:

People in the high-risk category should isolate themselves for 12 weeks and guidance on this including a list of the medical conditions can be found here:

Learning from Home

We have set up an area on our website where you can access home learning for your child. There is a wealth of material to access with both online activities, as well as other practical ideas. These have been split into year groups. Of course there’s nothing stopping you accessing the learning from other year groups, if you think it is appropriate for your child. As well as homework you will find other updates regarding coronavirus. You will find all this here: Parents, communication

Ongoing Communication

We are all entering into uncertain times and it therefore crucial, that when we do receive updates from the DFE about school closure, that we pass them on to you. We will do this via our website

We will add any correspondence on here as and when we have it and will notify you via text that this has taken place. I am sure there will be a lot information being passed around over the next few weeks but please make sure you get your source directly from us, as speculation of what might be happening in our school. We will notify you via text if we need to So if you do not hear from us, please assume things remain the same.

Maintaining Contact

During the period of closure, school have been asked to make telephone contact with all pupils, to please expect a call from a member of staff throughout the period of absence. Please can you ensure all email and telephone contact details are up to date. If changes need to be made, please email with your details.

Daily Government Briefing

Today’s briefing from the Prime Minister focused on timescales, turning the tide in the next 12 weeks, vaccine trials and a possible antibody test which will tell the user if they have already had the virus.


These are unprecedented times and I would like to reiterate that we are following all advice given. Thank you for your continued support in these extremely challenging times, as we continue to prioritise the wellbeing of our children.


Stay safe and I sincerely look forward to welcoming you back into school in due course.

The Heath Mount Team