Thank you to all our parents, staff and children for making our return to school so pleasant. Please look at the safeguarding / Coronavirus tab for our risk assessment.
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Rainbow colours (09/03/01_)


Red for tomatoes,

Red for a rose,

Red for my socks

Pulled on my toes.

Orange for a mango,

Orange for a peach,

Orange for an orange

That is out of reach.

Yellow for melons,

Yellow for sun,

Yellow for buttercups

Picked one by one.*

Green for a meadow,

Green for the grass,

Green for a hedge

Where I must pass.

Blue for a bluebell,

Blue for the sea,

Blue for the sky                     

All around me.

Indigo for a grape,

Indigo for blueberry too,

Not quite violet,

Not quite blue.

Violet for heather,

Violet for a flower,

You’ll only get a rainbow

With sun and a shower.

By Dave Bryant


World Book Day


Should I be a princess
for our school book day?
Or the wicked witch?
A thief from a play?

I could be a werewolf
or a shy mermaid.
Or maybe even
a night from the crusade.

I wore a furry suit
with flippers, wand and shall.
I simply couldn’t choose…
so I dressed as them all.


Crossing the street


Stop, look, and listen
before you cross the street.
Use your eyes and use your ears
before you use your feet.

Look to your left
then look to your right
and to your left once more.
You must be really careful.
That’s what rules are for!