Happy New Year to all our families. Wishing you the very best start to your year.
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We are currently in consultation about our homework policy

It is important that our children read every single day in order to develop a strong language base. 

In reception children should be reading with their parents every day for at least 10 minutes. Your child has more chance of improving their reading skills if an adult reads a story to them at least once a day. Perfect if it is a good night story at the end of the day to settle them down for the night as part of a good routine. 


By year 6 our young people should be reading for up to an hour an day. This can be broken down into smaller sessions. Reading every day will ensure regular improvement in their reading skills. 

Children in all classes should be accessing Times Table rock stars and recalling times tables daily in order to improve number facts. 


We also have poems for children to recite on our poetry page on our website for children to learn each week. 


Our next parent workshop will focus on our developing homework policy. 

Online Learning Resources

This site will help our children extend their research on the key characters they have been learning about in black history.


The following sites may be useful when helping with homework. (These sites are out of school control with regards to content so please use safely).