All children will be returning to school on 8th March 2021
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Welcome to the Governors Section

The Governors are representatives of the local council; the parents, the staff and the local community. They take a keen and active interest in the running of the school and, in conjunction with the staff, try to foster a good relationship with the community.

Interim Executive Board IEB 2019


Chair or vice 

Connection to staff yes or no. If yes, who and how?



Term of office start date

Term of office end date

Business interests declared. If yes, please state, else state none.

Other School gov positions held

Governor responsibility


this academic year


Michael Watson Chair No 20th Jan 2020 19th Jan 2024 Hays 

Hamilton Special School

Co Opt Gov

SEND 20th January
Joanne Clifton Vice chair No 20th Jan 2020 19th Jan 2024

Creative and Cultural Education Director

Stan's Cafe Theatre Company Charity Trustee

The Elliot Foundation MAT Employee

Birmingham Education Partnership Consultant

Hollywood Primary School Husband is an employee

Teacher Development Fund Charity Trustee

Executive Head Billesley School Teaching and learning 20th January
Jackie Marshall No No Jan 20 Jan 2024 Leigh  Trust Employee None Finance Heath and Safety 20th January



No No 20th Jan 2020 19th Jan 2024 Billesley Primary School Co opted Governor since 1/9/2012 Billesley School  since 1/9/2012 to present Safeguarding 20th January
Dave Hankinson No No 1st Jan 2020 31st Dec 2023 Heath Mount Primary Employee None Staff Gov 20th January
Foreen Akhtar No No 1st Jan 2020 31st Dec 2023 None None Parent Gov 20th January
Navin Sood No No 1st Jan 2020 31st Dec 2023 None None Parent Gov 20th January
Deborah Fance No No 1st Jan 2020 Head teacher

Project Palm Tuition - Husband a director.

Peters Books - family business

None Head Teacher 20th January