Heath Mount Primary School

'Together Everyone Achieves More'




At Heath Mount Primary School we recognise the link between attainment and attendance. We are committed to ensuring the best possible learning outcomes for all of our pupils and as such we seek to ensure our pupils attend school regularly and on time every day. 


Our school target is 97% and we aim to hit this target every week.       


We recognise and celebrate good attendance for individuals and classes in the following ways:


  • Weekly class percentages are displayed on classroom doors – the weekly class winners for each phase are awarded golden time and an activity of their choice.
  • Weekly and termly attendance winners are celebrated in Key Stage assemblies.
  • Whole school attendance information is shared on the attendance display board and in newsletters to parents.
  • All pupils who attend school every day, and who are on time, receive a weekly raffle ticket that is entered into a termly prize draw.  The winners choose their prizes – a bike, a scooter or a tablet device.
  • Pupils with an attendance rate of 97% and above each term receive a special recognition certificate and a book prize.
  • Pupils whose attendance that has shown improvement receive a certificate and raffle ticket for the termly prize draw.
  • Pupils who achieve an annual attendance rate of 97% and above are issued with a golden ticket to attend the annual ‘Heath Mount Attendance Fun Day’.


Pupils with medical conditions who are required to attend hospital appointments with consultants, are reviewed to ensure that any absences due to these appointments do not affect their attendance achievement of 97% and above or 100%.


Pupils who are required to self-isolate due to Covid-19 will be issued with Birmingham City Council’s agreed code which means their attendance rate remains unaffected.

100% Attendance Raffle Draw


Pupils must attend school every day and on time to be eligible to receive a raffle ticket for the big termly prize draw. The winners will be able to choose from a bike, a scooter or something techie if they wish! Last term, the Autumn 100% raffle draw took place and the winners of the draw received a bike/scooter of their choice. Please click on the pictures to see our fantastic attendance winners and their prizes!

Children on track with 97% attendance or more will also receive a golden ticket invitation to our annual fun day which takes place in the summer term.

Getting Ready for School


In order to ensure that children have a routine, why not download and print a copy of our morning and evening checklists below so that your child is ready for school everyday.