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Advice for Secondary School Transfer for Year 6 Pupils

Secondary Transfer for Year 6 Pupils


If you need help completing the application form on-line, please phone the office to arrange an appointment with a member of our Pastoral and Inclusion team.

The parent/carer of the child must complete the on-line preference form by clicking on the link below.


The closing date for all applications is 31st October 2021


Applications received after the 31 October 2021 will be classed as late applications and will not be processed until after the offer of places on 1 March 2022. Any applications submitted after the deadline may result in not getting your first choice school.


 Before applying:

1.            Discuss with your child what he or she feels are their needs and what is best for them.

2.            Research the schools well (read school prospectuses and attend the open evenings.

3.            Check the admission criteria of the schools.

4.            Does your child meet the criteria? Distance from the school is an important factor.

5.            Make sure you include as a preference at least one school where your child meets the admission criteria.



Remember to list six different secondary schools you would like your child to attend and put them in order of preference.


Open days and evenings or virtual events


Schools may have open sessions or evenings that you can attend to have a look around the school or instead hold virtual events throughout September. Please visit the schools' own website for further details.


Latest News

BOA Digital Technologies Academy


BOA Digital Technologies Academy is a new academy that will be opening in September 2022 for Year 7 entry.


Please visit for further information.


An open event will be held Saturday 11th September at BOA Academy, 1 Grosvenor Street, Birmingham, B4 7QD between 9am-2:30pm.

Message from Moseley School and Sixth Form



Dear Year 6 families; Moseley School is a multicultural and inclusive school, where we aim to provide the very best education in academic and personal development.

We have taken the decision to hold our open evening virtually again this year but are pleased to announce we will be holding limited availability smaller group tours to tour the school and see our lively, welcoming school in action.


We will be holding these at the following times, and you will need to contact our reception team to book a space. We will not be accepting guests who have not booked in advance.


Tuesday 14th September at 9.15am


Wednesday 15th September at 4pm


Thursday 16th September at 9.15am


Tuesday 21st September at 9.15am


Wednesday 22nd September at 4pm


Thursday 23rd September at 9.15am


Tuesday 28th September at 9.15am


Wednesday 29th September at 4pm


Thursday 30th September at 9.15am


Could we please ask that you try not to bring smaller children or more than 3 people from each family group with you for the tours as we will be going into teaching areas and we will request that you do wear masks during the tour. The tour will be given by members of our Senior Leadership and Year 7 Transition teams.


We are delighted to be able to share with you a virtual tour of our brilliant school for all prospective parents and students.


If you do have any questions or queries about whether Moseley is the right school for you and your child, please do contact us on


All open evening information can be found here;



National Offer Day 1st March 2022


If you applied online and provided an email address, you will receive an email on 1st March 2022 to inform you which secondary school your child has been offered.

Timetable for the Secondary School Admissions Process