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Weekly Attendance

At Heath Mount School we recognise the link between attainment and attendance.  We are committed to ensuring the best possible learning outcomes for all our pupils and as such we seek to ensure our pupils attend school regularly and on time every day.

Our school target is 97%

Well done to all the children who achieved 100% attendance last term and received certificates and book prizes.
Keep coming to school everyday and on time to win a raffle ticket for the big prize draw!


Apologies for the delay - The attendance for last week w/e 01.02.19 is as follows:


Reception - 98.14%

Year 1 - 97.67%

Year 2 - 97.41%

Year 3 - 95.79%

Year 4 - 97.29%

Year 5 - 95.67%

Year 6 - 98.87%


Well done to Class 6N who achieved the best attendance with 99.23%


Whole school weekly attendance - 97.18%

School weekly attendance excluding reception - 97.06%

Whole school annual attendance - 97.23%

School annual attendance excluding reception - 97.41%