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The DfE’s assessment reforms:

As part of our reforms to the national curriculum, the current system of ‘levels’ used to report children’s attainment and progress will be removed from September 2014 and will not be replaced. By removing levels we will allow teachers greater flexibility in the way that they plan and assess pupils’ learning. The programmes of study within the new National Curriculum (NC) set out expectations at the end of each key stage, and all maintained schools will be free to develop a curriculum relevant to their pupils that teaches this content. The curriculum must include an assessment system which enables Published: September 2014 schools to check what pupils have learned and whether they are on track to meet expectations at the end of the key stage, and to report regularly to parents.” National curriculum and assessment from September 2014: information for schools


Assessment at Heath Mount

At Heath Mount we have spent a long time researching different methods to report children’s attainment and progress, and we have had a look at various commercial software tracking systems. Following our research, we have decided to use the Inform Tracker alongside the Step UP tool.


Inform Tracker is used to record the teacher’s assessment. It is similar to the system used in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

It takes the end of year expectations for each year group and describes children’s attainment as follows:

* Emerging —secure in emerging statement

* Expected — secure in the majority of the end of year expected statement

* Exceeding — able to use and apply their knowledge and skills confidently


The “Step UP” is used to assess children’s progress and attainment. It is a manual tool developed by CPTSA (an alliance school). CPTSA broke the National Curriculum down into smaller steps to enable children the best chance to achieve whilst also making their progress and development much easier to track and analyse by teaching staff The results are monitored and data is entered onto the school tracking System Inform Tracker. As the Step Up is a planning, moderation and an assessment tool it has created a strong link between planning and assessment. Assessments are also moderated to ensure consistency.


SATs results will be reported as scaled scores. Under the new accountability system from September 2016, primary schools can choose to use an approved baseline assessment for pupils starting in reception. We have opted for the GL Assessment . Schools that do not use this will be judged only on attainment when these pupils reach the end of KS2.